(2) Vermont Spätzle 2 Pound Family Bags

(2) Vermont Spätzle 2 Pound Family Bags


Our famous spatzle in our 2 pound resealable family bags.  You will receive 2 bags, each one 2 pounds. The Spätzle would ship frozen and would arrive partially frozen / refrigerated.  You could either refreeze or use refrigerated within 16 days. We ship weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays only.

We are currently only shipping to the Northeast States which include New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Pennsylvania. We hope to be able to ship everywhere in the near future.

We are the proud makers of the only no-boil, gluten free, non-GMO spatzle (pasta) in the world. Our spatzle is primarily made from local milk and local eggs followed by a custom developed blend of potato, corn and tapioca flours and finished off with some nutmeg. A truly "one of a kind" nutritious and delicious pasta. Our customers say they are "addicted" to our pasta. Gluten free but actually tastes better then the original.

From the beginning, our motto has been to "share the spatzle love". We have given out hundreds of packages to people just to try our product, we have donated spatzle to multiple community organizations to give back. We have made sure that our pricing structure stays affordable. We are so passionate about our spatzle, we just love sharing with people and are so honored and humbled that a product that we make is enjoyed on so many dinner tables every night. Words can't describe the feeling of our customers telling us that we were the hit of their holiday meals including Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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